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Our People

Huntingdonshire is set for exciting growth over the coming years and to capitalise on this opportunity it is imperative that a robust and skilled workforce is in place both now and going forward.

Businesses locating to Huntingdonshire benefit from a highly skilled local population with a high proportion within management positions. Within an hour’s drive of Huntingdonshire, is a workforce of 1 million people with a skills level 20% above the national average. Within 2 hour’s drive, there are 36,000 engineering students coming out of further education establishments.

With 25 Centres of Excellence including world-class institutions such as Cambridge and Cranfield located nearby, close collaboration between industry and academia is a key theme within the East of England region and contributes to a thriving business sector.

All incoming and existing companies also benefit from the establishment of EDGE – a private/public partnership initiative offering access to targeted recruitment, training and development brokerage service. Responding directly to the needs of local businesses, the service looks to attract, develop, and retain those skills that can support the region’s sustainable growth.

This constant access to skills and knowledge will continue to ensure the region offers a competitive and proactive location.