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Scale Ups

Scaling up can be a very exciting prospect for businesses but can also provide barriers along the way. To accommodate this process there are several programmes and sources of support available, which will enable your organisation to grow successfully in the district. A few examples can be viewed below, however if you would like more access to the channels of support or more general information, please contact


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority

Scaling up your business is a really exciting time which can bring up challenges and a lot of the hard work. That is why the CPCA Growth Hub is on hand to support your business if you are thinking about what the next stages to grow might be.

Perhaps you want to expand to national or international customers, although expanding doesn’t always mean getting bigger, it can also mean being able to do more with the structure you already have, being able to offer a broader range of products and services, advertising and marketing to gain more customers, or being able to supply to customers who a geographically further away.

To help you decide which direction to take to find out how to grow your business, take a look at they key steps related to business growth that will help you plan the next stages of your business’s development via the link below. 


British Business Bank - Scale-Up

Are you looking to grow your business? Understand the finance options for your business with the British Business Bank Finance Hub. The new Finance Hub helps you understand the options available to you and its interactive finance finder enables s you to identify finance for your needs, while the site’s useful content is designed to get your business investor-ready. So whether you’re looking to acquire another business, open a second location or invest in new equipment or machinery, learn how equity and debt finance could help you grow your business.


ScaleUp Institute - Find the support to scale your business

The ScaleUp Institute's ambition is that the UK becomes the most fertile ground for businesses, not only to start up but to scale up and expand. If the UK is to capitalise on its long history as a trading nation and the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit which has seen an explosion in vitality over the past five years, it now needs to focus determinedly on how it ‘leans in’ to support its growing firms to scale. The programme finder tool available here, is a great way to scan what resources are active in the local area and as it stands, there are over 200 programmes to choose from. 

In addition to the programme finder, the ScaleUp Institute also produce yearly reviews which measures the impact and use of growth and expansion over the previous 12 months.