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Business Programmes

As part of Invest Huntingdonshire's commitment to support businesses throughout our district make the progress matched to their ambitions, our team, continually scan for the very best business programmes and resources, aligned to the needs of the local economy.


Please see the current list of business programmes available:


Growth Works programme via the Combined Authority

YTKO delivers fully-funded business support in different parts of the UK through a range of tailored brands. Funding for these services comes from Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authorities, European programmes and other government or corporate organisations. Each programme is tailored to provide businesses with the most impactful support available. 

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Aston University's UK centric supply chain programme provides and outside perspective in and a non-biased view on the supply chain. 

  • Provides a holistic, validated and verified road map of your supply chain. 
  • Provokes thoughts and questions surrounding unknowns within the business.
  • High level view to support strategic planning.
  • Potential for cost and risk reduction. 

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Institute for manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring is an approach to increasing the digital capabilities of small manufacturers (SMEs) via a series of low cost solutions. The aim is to rapidly accelerate digital use in SMEs by reducing both cost and complexity of solutions by making use of off-the-shelf technologies and open source software. 

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Futures by Design strives to help SMEs in different regions innovate, grow and / or increase productivity. SMEs are a critical part of the economy in several countries, but their success may be limited by insufficient access to data and limited internal knowledge or capacity to analyze the data. Both knowledge and data contribute to innovations within the company and eventually ensure better results. Futures by Design aims to support these SMEs and to stimulate innovation in the partner regions.

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Cambridge Judge Business School is in the business of transformation – of individuals, of organisations and society.

We deliver a suite of courses and programmes, including a PhD programme, masters programmes and a number of programmes for entrepreneurs, which are based on the latest thinking from academia and professional practice. We value experiential learning, to give you knowledge and skills to put in practice immediately. Together, we aim to use our knowledge and methods to make a real impact on the world in which we live and work.

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